Since 1860

A Family Owned Farm

In 1860, Joseph and Theresia Marquardt, along with their 3 young children (Anna, Erdman, & Linus)  established a homestead and farm just south of the hamlet of Denbigh, Ontario in the Canadian Shield.

Maple Syrup

The First Denbigh Crop

Maple syrup was an important commodity for the Marquardt family, as it was the first crop produced and available to send to market after a long hard winter.  It was also equally important for the family as a source of clean, healthy, sugar which was otherwise difficult to source.


Sustainable Farming

Traditional syrup making techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and many of the same maples that were once tapped by the first Marquardts are still tapped today. Our family has also ventured into other passive farming activities such as honey and birch syrup production. Since we have such strong connection with the land, our family recognizes the need to produce these new products sustainably so that future generations can enjoy the resources brought from the land as much as we do.

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